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EastEnders to Release Special Series of Videos

EastEnders has announced it will be releasing a series of videos presented by Sonia Jackson star Natalie Cassidy.

The videos will see Natalie interview her EastEnders colleagues about their issue-based storylines, as well as their own mental health battles.

The videos will be released across their social media, with Charlotte Moore, the Chief Content Officer for the BBC, adding: “The BBC has a long commitment to tackling mental health issues in our programming and with many people still living through challenging times, it’s important that we continue to raise awareness and provide help and support.

“This year we are marking Mental Health Awareness Week with a wide range of content across television, radio and digital including documentaries, specially curated playlists, discussion and expert tips and advice,” she said.

“I hope it will give people the tools they need to look after their own wellbeing as well as helping them to support those close to them.”

We will of course share these videos across our social media when they become available.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.



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