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EastEnders Next Week: Nish to Attack Kat

Following her split from Phil Mitchell, Kat has fallen for Nish Panesar's charm, but things are about to change for the worse.

Viewers know Nish has a big plan to take everything from her, but upcoming episodes will see Kat cotton on to his big plan.

As Kat discusses her divorce from Phil, Nish introduces her to a "divorce lawyer" friend. But after speaking to Suki and Phil, Kat realises Nish is planning to rip her off so she decides to turn the tables and plots against him.

As the week continues, things get out of hand and Kat is left fending off an attack from Nish, experiencing the real man behind the façade.

Later Kat joins forces with Suki, Eve and Stacey to get revenge on him, but this could have dire consequences for some of the women when he decides to contact the police with some new 'information' on what happened at Christmas.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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