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EastEnders: Ravi's Life-Changing Week

EastEnders has revealed Walford villain Ravi Gulati will experience a life-changing week as the search for his son continues.

Ravi is currently unaware that Suki has been keeping in touch with Nugget, but things take a turn when Ravi begins to suspect Suki is hiding the truth.

Later, Suki reveals all to Nish about Nugget, and the couple plan to meet him. Unfortunately for them, Ravi is watching their every move.

Following the Panesar's to a secret location, Ravi is shocked to learn that his son has been staying with his mother, Priya.

As Ravi drags his son back to Walford, Priya follows but she has another surprise in store for him as he comes face-to-face with Avani, his daughter he never knew existed.

What will it do to Ravi knowing he's now got another child? Will it cause him to re-evaluate his behaviour? Or will he continue to self destruct?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer.



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