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Phil Confronts George as EastEnders Reveals All on Knight's Missing Wife

Many rumours surrounding George Knight's wife have been circulating online for some weeks, but viewers won't have to wait too long as upcoming episodes will reveal more details about Rose's disappearance.

Viewers will be treated to a 35-minute episode on Thursday 22nd June as the whole episode focuses on George and his missing wife.

The week leading up to the episode will see Linda continue to dig for details about George's past, something that leads her to Phil Mitchell.

After his chat with Linda, Phil decides to help her by agreeing to question George over Rose's whereabouts, determined to get answers before going into business with him.

Later Phil leans on son-in-law Callum Highway to search the police database to see if he can locate her.

Callum's investigation into George comes up with nothing as the ex-boxer has a relatively clean record, but when he searches for details on his wife Rose, he is denied access to information on her.

Desperate to get some answers, Phil invites George over to the gym where he asks him directly about Rose, but when he gets nothing from him, he decides to put his business deal with the new Vic landlord on hold.

Phil heads off to speak to Richie to see if she can find any information on Rose, and later confronts George where he admits he can't go into business with someone he doesn't trust.

What will Richie find out?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC one.


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