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EastEnders First Look: Shock as Ryan Malloy Arrives in Walford

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Ryan Malloy, the brother of fan-favourite Whitney Dean, and the father of Stacey's daughter Lily, will return to Albert Square next week after years away from Walford.

Upcoming scenes will see Lily and Whitney spending time together as Whitney shows her niece the ropes working on the market stall.

After her time with Whit, Lily heads home where she begins to question Stacey over her biological father, leaving Stacey furious.

Whitney reveals she's as furious with Stacey for keeping Ryan in the dark over Lily's pregnancy, but agrees not to say anything to him until she's ready.

After Whitney is told her test results will be a further two weeks wait, she emotionally reaches out to her brother, after some help from Zack.

As she speaks to Ryan, Whitney's emotions run away with her and she reveals to her brother that his 12-year-old daughter is also pregnant.

Feeling guilty, Whitney heads straight over to the Slater household to tell Stacey what she's done, but before she can explain, the pair are interrupted by a phone call from Kat.

Shortly afterwards Ryan is seen arriving in Albert Square and spots Stacey and their daughter.

After Stacey agrees to have a conversation with Ryan in the café, the pair are later joined by Lily who wants to get to know her dad.

After the pair spend some time getting to know each other, she's touched when Ryan offers to help them financially.

Later in the Vic, Ryan confronts Jack Branning and Sam Mitchell over their behaviour towards his daughter.

When both families support Lily and Ricky Jr at their first baby scan, Ryan drops an almighty bombshell. What could it be?

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One.



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