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EastEnders: Martin Makes Sinister Discovery

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

As Stacey continues to earn money from her secret cam client next week, things turn sinister when her ex-husband makes a worrying discovery.

Viewers know Lily's teacher Theo is Stacey's loyal subscriber, but he's worked his way into her personal life.

Since agreeing to go on a date with Theo last week, Stacey realised there were no romantic feelings towards him, and with her feelings towards Martin bubbling to the surface, the pair decide to give their relationship another go.

Things in the Slater household are very different this time around as Martin is forced to change his plans after Stacey reveals she has double-booked herself with a client online.

After Martin overhears her flirting during the cam session, he leaves the house leaving Stacey heartbroken.

Determined to get their relationship back on track, Martin arranges for them to meet at Walford East.

During their date, Martin announces he needs to move out of Sharon's, so Stacey offers him to move back home with her temporarily.

Back at the house, a disagreement over dessert causes Martin to lash out, making Stacey aware he's not happy with her cam work.

The following day the newly rekindled couple discuss her cam work, but are overheard by Theo who is furious when Stacey describes him as a sad old lonely man.

Later, Stacey receives a shocking request from her subscriber, but before she has a chance to refuse, Martin makes a shocking discovery on her laptop.

Stacey is horrified further when her subscriber reveals details about her private life, making it clear that he knows who she is and where she lives.

Desperate to get some answers, Eve has a quiet word with Jack Branning to ask if anything can be done with Stacey's stalker.

Will Stacey be kidnapped by Theo?

  • Yes

  • No

Being Walford, things will likely get even more out of control before Theo is exposed, but how far will he take it?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer.



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