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Suki Makes Shocking a Discovery

Suki Panesar has spent months believing she was responsible for murdering her business partner, Ranveer Gulati, but viewers know the real killer was Ranveer's son, Ravi.

Suki had CCTV in her home, but Ravi revealed he deleted the recordings, unaware someone had kept a copy of the attack.

Upcoming scenes will see Suki find a hidden USB stick which contains the recording of the incident.

Suki is devastated to discover her husband Nish has the copy on the USB stick as a way of controlling her.

Speaking about the ongoing storyline, Balvinder Sopal who plays Suki, reveals: "She's wondering what's going on and who is lying to who,"

"I think she's just trying to get a grasp on the situation and thinks he's using it to try and control and manipulate her."

"Everybody deserves a happy life and if Nish decides tomorrow that he wants to change his ways and demonstrates he's remorseful, regretful and shows more love and compassion – he also deserves a good life. But he's so warped in hatred," she said.

"It's a real push and pull of these two minds but which mind will be the strongest and who will break free first? Who knows! It's really exciting." she concluded.

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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