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EastEnders: The Truth is Out!

The time viewers of EastEnders have been dreading is finally upon us as Walford villain Nish Panesar, discovers the affair between his wife Suki, and ex-employee Eve Unwin.

Next week sees Priya discover the truth which leads Suki to offer her £2,000 for her silence. Priya insists on an extra thousand pounds, and Suki agrees.

Unfortunately for them, when Suki hands over the cash, the pair are unaware that Nish is watching on.

Nish instantly jumps in to ask why Suki is handing over a large sum of cash. Despite Priya saying the cash is for her and Avani to rent their own flat, it's clear Nish isn't believing a word of it.

Back to square one, Suki gives Priya £200 from the till at the Minute Mart, but it's not long before Vinny discovers the money is missing and informs his father.

Determined to discover what's happened to the money, Nish heads over to the shop to inspect the CCTV where he comes across footage of Suki and Eve kissing.

In a fit of rage, Nish smashes up the Minute Mart before heading home to confront his wife. Thankfully Ravi steps in beforehand and takes to the restaurant to calm down.

Alone with his son, Nish tells Ravi what he knows leaving him gobsmacked.

Wanting answers, Nish heads home to confront Suki.

What will she say? Will Vinny stand by his mother's side?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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