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Whitney Dean Horrific Storyline Ahead of Exit

We've been lucky enough to watch Shona McGarty play Whitney Dean for the last 15 years on our screens, but the young actress/singer has decided to spread her wings and see what else is out there, and rightly so.

New details have emerged surrounding Whitney's exit from the soap, and it doesn't sound good!

The spoilers have emerged after the cast and crew were spotted filming this week on location, showing a heavily pregnant Whitney, alongside returning character Bianca Jackson.

The night shoot sees Whitney running through the streets chasing a young girl, maybe a foster child?

The young woman finds herself in the path of a speeding car, but Whitney pushes her out of the way and takes the impact, saving the life of the young girl but potentially putting her life and the life of her unborn baby at risk.

With Bianca, Zack and Sonia all witnessing the accident, they all rush to her side. Will Whitney and her baby make it out of the situation alive? Let's hope so, this is one character that deserves some luck, especially in her final scenes.

Speaking about her departure from the BBC soap, Shona told The Sun last year: ‘I have decided to spread my wings and will be leaving EastEnders. ‘I have loved my years in the show.’

Good luck Shona!



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