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Zack Hudson's Secret is Out

EastEnders has revealed Zack Hudson will open up to his sister and best-friend about his recent diagnosis in an upcoming episode.

His decision comes after Sharon revealed to her brother that a boxing match between him and Ben Mitchell will only go ahead if both sides agree to a blood test.

After a clash in the Vic with Ben, who berates him after pulling out of the fight, Zack reaches boiling point and announces to the entire pub that he's HIV positive.

With onlookers stunned about the revelation, an uneducated Ravi makes a comment statement that leaves Zack shocked.

Zack heads home where Martin and Sharon try to comfort him, encouraging him to focus on his future with Whitney.

Thankfully Ravi is schooled by his own son about being so ignorant about HIV.

Will Ravi realise he made a huge mistake and offer a sincere apology?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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