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EastEnders: The Truth is Out!

EastEnders has revealed the truth about Ravi and Denise will be exposed in next week's visit to Albert Square as Denise confesses all.

Viewers know that Amy was told by her boyfriend that Denise was cheating on her father with Ravi, but Jack is yet to discover the truth.

Despite Denise not actually sleeping with Ravi, she did kiss the buff ex-con, even meeting him in a hotel room.

Upcoming scenes see Jack devastated by the Denise's confession, with actress Diane Parish admitting: "Jack is understandably blindsided, broken and I can only hint at how amazing Scott Maslen is in those episodes. What we’ve created as a little family unit in quite a short space of time has been so concentrated.

"The two of them have found each other at a mature part of their lives when they’re both ready to live a good life and get the kids through their teenage years and give Raymond a good childhood."

Denise will also have to face her daughter who is currently in a relationship with Ravi, but how much tension will that put on mother and daughter?

Teasing the ongoing storyline, Aaron Thiara - who plays Ravi - warns that there will be "ultimate drama" when Jack finds out..

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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