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EastEnders: Shock New Suki Storyline Changes Panesar Family Forever

EastEnders has revealed new details surrounding Suki Panesar's attempt at fleeing Walford to spend her life with Eve Unwin.

When Eve spots a way of getting Nish out of the picture once and for all, the couple plan their escape from Walford, but thoughts of leaving Vinny behind leaves Suki questioning her decision.

Despite her reservations, Suki sticks to her plan and reports Nish to the police. Unfortunately things take a surprising turn when Nish returns home and blames Vinny.

As a result of their plan, things at the Panesar household ending in a devastating incident which will change the family forever.

Speaking about the shock episodes, Shiv Jalota, who plays Vinny, said: "Oh my God! I remember I actually emailed Chris Clenshaw and said: 'These are unreal!'.

"I think I was on a bit of a high because there was just so much drama within this story. It was a mega excitement to have a play with the script. I was quite nervous in terms of the storytelling but I was also so excited to get started and unpick the scripts."

"There's an incident in the house and Vinny is unsure of the truth behind it, so he has to make a decision. Is his dad all he cracks up to be? Is his mum at risk? Vinny's illusion that they're a happy family perhaps isn't true." he said.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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