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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Mel's Horror Crash to Mirror Steve Owen's Sad Exit

History could be repeating in Albert Square as Mel Owen is set for a dramatic car chase, mirroring that of ex-husband Steve Owen.

Viewers will remember Steve died when his car exploded after being chased by Phil Mitchell, trying to help Lisa kidnap Louise in 2002.

But new pictures released show Sharon Mitchell chasing the grieving mother, shortly after Mel starts blackmailing her over the paternity of her unborn child.

Spotted filming on location, as Sharon chases her, a van crashes into Mel's car sending it flying through the air, eventually landing in some bushes.


Sharon is also spotted sitting in shock as an ambulance rushes to the scene of the accident. But will Mel meet the same fate as her ex-husband Steve?

Tamzin Outhwaite who plays Mel has hinted that her character could meet her demise after she tweeted her final goodbyes to EastEnders: "So that’s it! The end of an era... for me at least. Melanie Healy/Beale/Owen has left the building... it’s been a pleasure, a privilege and a 21 year association with a family I will cherish forever and never forget"

But the one question we are all wondering is, will Mel manage to expose Sharon and Keanu's affair before she leaves?

EastEnders will be airing Mel Owen's exit later this year.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

EastEnders' Callum Shocked After Admission From Stuart

As Rainie's addiction to painkillers comes to a head, Callum Highway is shocked when his brother, Stuart, makes a confession.

Rainie has been relying on painkillers since an attack left her with bruised ribs, but the addict has been using every tool in her box to get her hands on more pills, and things are about to drastically

A desperate Rainie decides to approach Sonia Jackson to see if she can get some pain medicine, but when the nurse refuses, Rainie attacks her, leaving Stuart horrified.

Realising things have gone too far, Stuart carries Rainie home where he resorts to drastic measures to combat her addiction.


Back at flat, Rainie's behaviour is so aggressive that she is even disturbing grieving relatives in the funeral home below.

Callum heads up to the flat to find out what's going on. Shocked to see what Stuart is doing to Rainie, he demands an explanation.

When Callum urges his brother to take a different approach to the situation, Stuart reveals that he is also a recovering addict and knows what he's doing.

After the revelation Callum decides not to stand in his brother's way, instead he heads downstairs to put things right with Jay.


Later, once Rainie has had time to settle, she breaks down in Stuart's arms. Could this be the turning point for the addict to get her life back on track? And will Callum see his brother in a different light after his revealing secret?

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One. - Want more spoilers? Click here to see the latest news.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Ben Mitchell Jeopardises His 'Fresh Start'

After his recent shooting, Ben Mitchell finds himself back in Phil's good books, but the once disowned Mitchell finds himself working hard to make things right with Louise and Keanu.

Next week viewers will see the pair finally start bonding, but with a lot of making up to do, he decides to put things right when Phil lines up a job for him.

As Ben gives Keanu parenthood advice, he's interrupted by Jason, one of Phil's contacts. Determined to make a good impression, Ben tells Jason that he can get his hands on a fancy car, later enlisting the help of Jay.


Unfortunately Jay will regret his decision to help when he returns home with a swollen lip. But undeterred, Ben meets with an old friend, Tubbs, and asks him to help with the dodgy job.

Is Ben heading down another dark path? Or will Callum make him see sense?

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One.

Hospital Visit Exposes Gray's Abusive Behaviour

Chantelle Atkins is relieved by the news that her husband intends to get help for his temper next week, but it is something she has heard many times before.

After Chantelle accidentally cuts her hand, Gray insists she goes to A&E to get it checked, and it's not long before a nurse notices the bruises on Chantelle's body. What happens next leaves her terrified.

Later in the week, Chantelle supports her husband as he prepares to see a therapist, and Gray promises to never lay another finger on her.

Speaking to The Sun about this storyline, Kate Oates said: "Chantelle and Gray’s domestic abuse story has built quite gently, but as it continues we’ll be pushing it.

"We’ve deliberately built this public perception of who Gray is and the kind of marriage they have. There’s great stuff coming up.”

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Mel Confronts Sharon About Her Unborn Baby! - EastEnders First Look

We've been promised that EastEnders will remain on fire now into the New Year, and the writers are not slowing down when it comes to Sharon and Keanu's secret love child.

Over the past week, Mel Owen has been noticing all the small things that point to a past between Sharon and Keanu, and when she popped in to see Ben after he was released from hospital, she witnessed Keanu overreacting when Lola accidentally bumped into Sharon.

Next week, Mel is cut off from the E20 bank account when Phil finds out she has been using the business' money to pay for Hunter's funeral, but when Sharon tries to calm the situation down, she's shocked when Mel reveals that she knows the truth about her unborn baby.


It's currently unknown how Mel gets hold of the evidence, but it looks like she gets her hands on the paternity results, proving Phil is not the father.

Mel initially decides against telling Louise the truth about her step-mothers affair with Keanu, instead she starts blackmailing Sharon to get what she wants.

Will Sharon agree to Mel's demands to keep her secret safe? Or will she take matters into her own hands to keep the news from being exposed?

EastEnders air these scenes on Monday 23rd September - Want more EastEnders news and gossip? Click here to see the latest headlines.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Whitney Drops Massive Bombshell on Callum

After her wedding to Callum failed in spectacular EastEnders fashion, Whitney Dean went on her honeymoon alone, using the time to gather her thoughts.

When heartbroken Whitney returns to the square, it doesn't take long before she comes face to face with her ex, and as the pair talk, Whitney drops an almighty bombshell.

EastEnders are keeping quiet about the secret Whitney is harbouring upon her return, but with it being soapland, could Whitney be on the road to having the one thing that she's always wanted? A baby?

EastEnders air these scenes in the coming weeks on BBC One.

EastEnders 16th - 20th September

It's a sad week for Mel as she buries her son, comes up against the Mitchell's and has an almighty row with Sharon. Linda Carters new storyline kicks off as she struggles to make friends at the school gate.

Callum agrees to go on a date with Ben Mitchell, and Stuart is furious when he finds out Rainie is still taking painkillers, plush much more.

Here's your weekly look ahead at what's coming up on EastEnders from Monday 16th September.

The Carters prepare for Ollie's first day of school
It's a proud moment for Mick and Linda
Ollie is introduced to his new teacher
The other mums make not effort in welcoming Linda
Linda notices hostility towards her from the mums
Chantelle explains the cliquey nature of the other women
But Linda doesn't understand 

Louise becomes concerned for Bex after noticing how upset she seems
Callum receives a text from Ben asking him out for a drink
Callum turns to Jay for some advice about Ben
Mel arrives at the funeral home with some clothes for Hunter
Mel reveals that she needs to scale back the funeral
After a warning from Phil, Jay tells Mel that he can no longer be involved in Hunter's funeral
Jay informs Mel that she has to find another undertaker
Mel realises she's quickly running out of people to rely on

Kathy and Ian argue about Bobby's recent behaviour
Linda is determined to make friends at the school gate
But she soon realises it's going to be harder than she thought
Stuart is furious when he finds out Rainie is still taking painkillers
Bex is shocked that Louise has thrown her a surprise party in the Vic
But being the centre of attention is the last thing she wants

Louise prepares for Hunter's funeral
Phil is not happy that his daughter is attending the funeral of the boy who shot his son
Phil puts his foot down and tells the couple they are banned from going
Mel arrives at the Vic after the funeral
Lisa stands by her friend as the Mitchell's make their feelings clear

Tensions start to rise between them
Phil is fuming when he finds out Jay went behind his back and helped arrange the funeral

Tiffany tells Keegan that they need to talk about their relationship
After some advice from Jack, the pair agree to take things slowly
Patrick and Sheree become concerned for Ted
When Ted reveals he's lonely, Sheree decides to set him up on a date

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 16th September on BBC One.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Look Who's Returning to Walford!


As Linda Carter struggles with alcohol addiction, and Mick continues to battle with his mental health, Lee Carter will make a surprise return to Walford to support his parents.

Lee left Walford over two years ago after battling with his own mental health, promising to return once he was in a better frame of mind.

Speaking to the Metro about returning to the soap, Danny said: ‘The way things are going with the Carters at the minute, it makes total sense that Lee would return, even for a short stint. I will always be loyal to the Carter Clan and the show, and am very excited to be back on set with some immensely talented people whom I love dearly.’


Executive producer Jon Sen also told the newspaper: ‘We are thrilled that Danny-Boy is returning to Walford to reprise the role of Lee Carter. Lee obviously left the Square under a cloud but now he returns to vanquish demons and help Mick and Linda as they struggle through their latest crisis.’

Danny will start filming in the next few weeks, with his scenes airing later this year. We just need Johnny and Nancy to return and we'll have the Carter family back together again!

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

Top EastEnders Spoilers for Next Week

EastEnders seems to be on fire at the moment as their storylines are playing out thick and fast, and there's no let-up next week as the drama continues.

Here is a look at the top storylines airing next week.

Bobby continues to be haunted by visions of Lucy

Top EastEnders Spoilers for Next Week

Since returning to Walford, Bobby has found it increasingly difficult to move on from his past, and recently viewers have been experiencing what Bobby is seeing and hearing, as visions of Lucy continue to haunt him.

With Bobby's mental health continuing to decline, the teenager was seen pouring petrol over his house, desperate to make the voices stop. But Max Branning will come to the teens rescue when he offers him somewhere to stay.

Bobby agrees to move in with Max, but when their conversation is overheard by Jack, he puts his foot down, revealing that he doesn't want a killer living under the same roof as his daughter.

Phil cuts off Mel

Top EastEnders Spoilers for Next Week

When Phil and Sharon notice that cash is going missing from the E20 accounts, it doesn't take them long to figure out that Mel is helping herself to the funds, in order to help with funeral costs.

When Mel discovers that the Mitchell's have cut her off, she heads off to find Sharon and an almighty argument ensues.

3. Phil interferes in Hunter's funeral

Top EastEnders Spoilers for Next Week

After making plans with Mel to bury her son, Jay is torn when he's told by Phil that he's to have nothing to do with Hunter's funeral.

After Mel runs out of cash, she asks Jay if he can scale back the ceremony, but she's in for a shock when he reveals that he can no longer arrange the funeral.

Iqra and Keegan's business deal

Top EastEnders Spoilers for Next Week

Keegan puts his business brain on next week as he continues in his quest to become a success, and after helping out at Walford East, Iqra gives young man the encouragement he needs and the pair strike up a mutually beneficial deal.

Callum and Ben's first date

Top EastEnders Spoilers for Next Week

After Callum's disaster of a wedding and then the shootings, Ben decides not to waste any time in asking Callum out on a date.

Although it's only a drink, Callum starts to worry if he's moving on too soon. Can the pair put the past behind them and make it work?

Phil and Jay fall out over Hunter's funeral

Top EastEnders Spoilers for Next Week

Mel Owen is overcome with grief as the day of Hunter's funeral arrives, but luckily she has best-friend Lisa by her side.

When they arrive at the Vic for a drink after the ceremony, Mel is confronted by the Mitchell family who make their feelings clear about her son.

During the altercation, Phil finds out that Jay went behind his back and helped Mel with the funeral despite his warning.

Will Phil disown Jay once again?

Not enough spoilers for you? Click here to see the latest news - EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 16th September on BBC One.