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Thursday, 17 October 2019

EastEnders: News of Death Shocks Jay Brown (Contains Spoilers)

EastEnders' Jay Brown Death News Reaction (Contains Spoilers)

It was revealed last month that Jay Brown will receive some news that someone from his past has died, leaving viewers speculating who it might be.

Jay's dad Jase was killed back in 2008 by gang leader Terry Bates, and Jay is shocked when he learns that Terry has passed away.

As Jay prepares for a day out with Lola and Lexi, his day takes a turn for the worse when he's informed of a new booking at the funeral home and is needed to return immediately.

Callum and Jay are surprised by the scale of the funeral requested, but he's in for another shock when he discovers the funeral is for his father's killer.

EastEnders' Jay Brown Death News Reaction (Contains Spoilers)
Callum is surprised how much Jay hates Terry, and later reaches out to Ben for help. After Lola relays the news to Billy, he heads off to find Jay where the pair have an emotional heart-to-heart.

Will Jay find it in himself to move forward? Or does he still have revenge on his mind?

EastEnders air these scenes on Tuesday 22nd October on BBC One.

EastEnders: It's All Kicking Off!

EastEnders: It's All Kicking Off!

With Martin following Ben Mitchell's orders, the market stall worker finds himself in serious trouble when he and Tubbs come up against someone who owes Ben money.

These new pictures released show the moment an angry customer stands his ground over the debt, and Martin finds himself in the middle.

After these scenes, which air tonight, Martin is left turning to best-friend Kush for help and he agrees to back Martin up, but Ben restorts to drastic measure to let Martin know who's boss.

EastEnders: It's All Kicking Off!

EastEnders air these scenes tonight 7.30pm on BBC One.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Oops! - EastEnders Accidental Set Blunder

You would be forgiven for overlooking a blunder in last week's episode with all the drama going on, but some eagle-eyed viewers spotted a mistake with one of the sets in the soap.

Dot Branning recently revealed that she intends to use some of the money left to her by Doctor Legg to pay for central heating, but if the set dressers remembered to put her wall back, she wouldn't feel as cold!

In scenes which aired on Friday 11th October, the Fowler family sat down to watch a movie, but when Sonia left the room it was clear that something was missing . . .


EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Actor ‘axed from EastEnders’ After News Story

Actor ‘axed from EastEnders’ After News Story

It has been reported today that Dean Gaffney - who plays Robbie Jackson - has been axed from the soap after only two years back in the role.

The Daily Star Sunday has revealed that soap bosses have already written out the character after their concerns about his recent behaviour.

Speaking to the publication, the source said: "Dean knows he’s made some bad decisions and he is working hard to get his life back on track. Bosses apparently terminated his contract after the newspaper revealed claims that he contacted a random girl online and asked her for naked pictures of her body.

"He split up from his long-term girlfriend and then he lost his job. But he knows he only has himself to blame.

Actor ‘axed from EastEnders’ After News Story

"He’s always been a popular member of the cast and everyone loves Robbie Jackson so it’s a real shame that he will no longer be on our screens."

Dean took some time away from the soap earlier this year, with his character Robbie leaving for India.

"After everything that’s happened Dean realised that he had to completely change his lifestyle.

"He’s had a massive wake-up call and wants to get his life back on track. Bosses have left the door open for his character, so there’s always a chance that one day he might be able to go back."

So there you have it, Robbie won't be returning from India any time soon. Would you like to see the character return again in the future?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

EastEnders Next Week: Pressure, Lies, Deceit, and Blackmail

As one dramatic week comes to an end, another begins on Monday as Martin goes up against Ben Mitchell. Leo King ramps up his scheming, Stuart turns nasty towards Kathy, and Tiffany and Keegan make a huge decision about their future, plus more.

Here's a look at what's coming up on next week's EastEnders.

Ben Mitchell Continues to Pressure Martin Fowler


Since his return to Walford, Martin Fowler has been juggling the support for his daughter, and trying to secure the return of his family.

Unfortunately, Ben Mitchell is in control of the decision to let Stacey come home and he's going to use it to get what he wants.

When Ben reveals that he has another job for Martin, the market trader tells Ben that he'll do it alone. Sadly, Martin finds himself in a difficult situation which requires him to make a conscious decision.

Leo King Pursues Whitney Dean

Leo King hangs around Albert Square next week, ensuring he conveniently bumps into Whitney.

Agreeing to meet in the Vic for a drink, Leo's plan looks like it could backfire when Whitney introduces him to her sister Tiffany, who is quick to reveal she has already met him.

Whitney clashes with her sister when Tiff warns her that Leo must have an ulterior motive.

Whitney and Callum's Heart-to-Heart


After winning Whitney around, Leo takes her to E20 where he tries to convince her to go home with him, but when she spots Callum and Ben in the club together, she decides to stay.

Later in the evening, Callum spots Whitney nursing a drink and approaches her to make sure she's okay, and the pair end up having an emotional chat.

Stuart Turns on Kathy Beale


Feeling guilty after being caught testing Rainie with drugs, Kathy tries to make amends by urging Max to allow Rainie to see Abi while she supervises, but he rejects the idea.

Kathy is left in an awkward situation when Stuart warns her that if she doesn't let Rainie see the baby, he'll tell everyone what she did.

Breaking Point for Rainie

After receiving a threat from Stuart, Kathy finds a way of letting Rainie spend some unsupervised time with Abi in the park, but at the same time Stuart confides in Bex that something isn't right with his girlfriend.

Stuart tracks down Rainie at the park but he isn't prepared for what he finds when he arrives.

Stuart takes his Anger out on Kathy


After recent events, Stuart confronts Kathy seeking revenge where he promises to hurt both Ben and Ian.

Later, after Stuart has had time to calm down, he confides in Kathy about the judgement he and Rainie face because of their respective histories. Realising she judged them too harshly, Kathy makes the couple a surprising offer.

Louise Struggles with her Friendship


As Martin continues to help his daughter after her suicide attempt, he asks Louise to pay her a visit to cheer her up, but Louise makes an excuse after admitting to her mum that she's scared to face her friend.

Later, Mel makes Louise see that she has nothing to be scared of and that she should be supporting her best-friend. It's not long until Louise visits Bex and the friends have a heart-to-heart over recent events.

Gray Receives Worrying Phone Call


With Gray still waiting to hear back from the police about his fight in a nightclub, the solicitor is left feeling rattled after a phone call. He decides to take his mind off his problems by taking Chantelle on a romantic break, but when Mackenzie falls ill they're forced to return home.

Tiffany and Keegan's Surprise Announcement


Tiffany reveals to Keegan that she's ready to move their relationship to the next level and sleep with him, but when the conversation turns to their future, the young couple come to a surprising conclusion.

When Tiffany and Keegan reveal they have a surprise announcement to make, Sonia and Karen are left wondering if Tiffany is pregnant.

Mick Seeks Help for his Anxiety


With Mick still struggling with his anxiety, the landlord finally reaches out for help and makes another appointment with his doctor, with Mick asking Mitch to hold the fort at the Vic.

When Linda returns home, she's surprised to find Mitch working behind the bar and demands answers. When Mitch reveals that Mick has gone to see the doctor, Linda becomes concerned.

With the mounting pressure of family life, Linda turns to alcohol for comfort.

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 14th October on BBC One.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

EastEnders' Whitney makes a worrying discovery about Leo

As Whitney continues to struggle over the breakdown of her engagement to Callum Highway, things take a worrying turn next week when she makes an alarming discovery about new love interest Leo.

Determined to take things slow, Whitney initially declines an offer to go for a drink, but after some persuading she agrees.

Later, Whitney is left feeling confused when she introduces Leo to Tiffany, who reveals they've already met.

With Leo now worried that his plan is in jeopardy, Tiffany reveals to her sister that Leo is up to no good.


Upset with Tiffany, Whitney heads off for her date with Leo where she proceeds to get drunk and reveals to Leo that she's jealous of her younger sister.

When Ben and Callum arrive, Leo suggest they go back to his, but Whitney explains that she and her ex-fiance are civil.

Later, Callum checks on Whitney to make sure everything is ok and the pair have an emotional heart-to-heart.

 Will Whitney accept Callum's support? And is he also becoming suspicious of Leo?



EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

It's going to be a "Powerful" Christmas for the Carter family

Mick and Linda Carter had a very stressful Christmas last year when the landlady went to extreme lengths to get her husband out prison.

Speaking to What's on TV about what's in store for the couple this year, Danny Dyer revealed: “Mick and Linda will be really tested this Christmas – this is EastEnders!”

“They’ve got some serious stuff coming up. At the moment with producer Kate Oates at the helm we’re the strongest we’ve been in a long time and we’re only just starting really. The stuff we’ve got coming up is so powerful and it’s going back to the old school EastEnders and letting everyone have the chance to shine!” he said.


It was revealed recently that Linda Carter will struggle as she starts to rely on alcohol to get her through the day, and Mick continues to struggle with his mental health, this will lead to the return of their son Lee, who comes home to help his parents through the difficult time.

“Mick’s going to new realms now as a character,” Danny continued.

“Finally he’s been diagnosed with anxiety, which has been really great to play. Kellie Bright is great, and we’ve grown together on the show. Me and Kellie we’re still there, still in The Vic and hopefully we’ll have a good couple of years still playing landlord and landlady of that gaff!”


EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

EastEnders Spoilers: 7th - 11th October

It's another emotional week in Walford as Martin returns to be by his daughter's side, Bailey makes a shocking discovery about Karen, and Kathy Beale sees the bad side of Stuart Highway, plus lots more.

Here's your weekly look ahead at what's coming up on EastEnders.

A consultant speaks to Bex about her current situation
Sonia is still angry with Martin after failing to return any of her calls
Martin tells Bex that he's staying in Walford until she gets better

Bailey asks Karen to be her legal guardian
But the joyful occasion won't last long after Bailey discovers that Karen knew Dinah wanted to end her life
Habiba reveals to her sister that she's worried about Mariam
Rainie begs Ian and Kathy for a job
Landing herself a trial, it doesn't take long for things to turn sour
Ben tells Tubs that he needs money fast

Ben receives a worrying message from the Panesar brothers
But things take a worrying turn for Lola Pearce when she's kidnapped
Martin demands that Ben allows Stacey to return home
Ben promises to wipe the slate clean if Martin helps get Lola back

Habiba urges Honey to rethink her relationship with Adam
Mariam is thrilled when her family arrive for a meal following the news she was mugged
Tensions remain high between Honey, Habiba, and Adam
Mariam assures Iqra she's proud of her

Adam arranges a treat for Honey after running out on their date
But Honey's unsure if she can trust him
Adam remains oblivious to Honey's uncertainty 
Bex meets with a mental health nurse
Bex takes her first steps on the road to recovery

The police speak to Kathy over the rising drug use at The Prince Albert
She's warned to change things or risk losing her license
Kathy tests Rainie to see if she has really kicked the habit 
How will she react to Kathy's challenge?
Tubs asks Ben for help with a dodgy job
Martin lashes out at Ben after he goes back on his word of letting Stacey come home

Arshad is shocked when he's told about Adam's affair with Habiba
Stuart's dark side makes an appearance when he confronts Kathy over what she did to Rainie

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 7th October on BBC One.