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In Conversation With John Bishop, UKTV

Being interviewed by John Bishop for his 'In conversation with' series on W, Samantha Womack explained her story to fame, including leaving home at 15 and working in the Camden Palace nightclub.

The underage teenager worked the bar, admitting: "I went out and got a job within three weeks. I completely lied about my age, I think I was almost running the bar!"

A shocked John Bishop asked: "You got a job in a bar, at 15?" - Sam joked "Sorry Camden Palace, it doesn't exist anymore, they're not going to get into trouble!"

"I was earning a really good wage and got myself a flat in Maida Vale" she said.


John digs a little deeper into Sam's early years between leaving home and making it big. Sam revealed she met a "good-looking, handsome but totally dodgy boyfriend"

"He was really bad news, there was a year I don't even think about" she said. "I went to live with him and things just got really bad from there, he was really controlling, he was quite jealous"

She continued: "He drained most of my money and got me out of the nightclub (where she was working), that's what controlling people do, removing you from what you know so they have complete control, which he did. I only stayed with him for a year, but the tail-end of that I had no money"

"Eurovision was a gig, it was a paid gig and I needed the money, he was taking everything."

Samantha Janus, Eurovision

She revealed that Sylvia Young, who owned the theatre school that Sam attended, said "I have this session singer who will pay you to come and sing a song"

"I was totally disinterested in what I was doing, I just wanted the money"

"All of a sudden the press attention was just, I had no idea that was coming!"

"They dragged me around from interview to interview, putting me in all these awful clothes."

Samantha Janus

When John praised her for coming 10th in the competition and appearing on Top of the Pops, Sam laughed as she admitted "I was so embarrassed, I did Top of the Pops in my nan's waistcoat, bless her"

If you would like to watch the entire interview, and it really is an eye-opener, then you can watch it on-demand here.

Hunter's Not Happy - BBC

After witnessing his mum get closer to Jack Branning next week, Hunter is not happy and sets out to sabotage their fresh start together.

As Mel puts all her effort into the re-opening of the club, she and Jack strike up a friendship but unknowingly pushes Hunter to the sidelines.

Jack comes to Mel's rescue when she encounters a problem with the security system at the club and the pair grow closer as he continues to help throughout the week.

EastEnders, BBC One

Feeling left out, Hunter tries to get involved by helping his mum re-open the club, but he gets angry when Jack also offers his services.

Jack can see Hunter is struggling, and with the anniversary of Steve's death approaching, he reaches out to the teenager, something that touches Mel.

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders, BBC One

Sadly for Jack, Huner has already made up his mind and wants him out of his mum's life. He wants revenge and when Mel unveils the new club sign, she is left gobsmacked. Has Hunter gone too far this time?

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One.

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders revealed schedule changes for next week, and in Thursday's hour-long episode, Hayley returns as she tries to catch Martin's attention.

She was first seen last week reporting back to someone on the phone, telling them she "wouldn't touch him with the bottom end of a bog brush".

New pictures show her flirting with Martin who is taken by surprise. His reaction to Hayley's advances makes those around him feel like he's definitely ready to move on from Stacey.

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders air this hour-long episode at Thursday 22nd February at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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